Unlock creativity and bring your screen to life with our AI wallpaper generation and AI avatar generation to breathe soul into your phone. Feel the magic of AI and make every day different!

Wallpaper function

Avatar function

Only belong to your unique style

Whether you're an artist, designer, or just want to play around with ideas, our AI painting feature will be your best creative partner. Make your work a social media sensation and express your unique personality in the language of art.

Explore our unique wallpaper features and avatar features

Create unique artwork and avatars with our AI painting feature. Explore our website and unleash your creative potential to make your screen and image a compelling work of art.

Our AI-generated wallpaper feature gives you a variety of styles and themes to choose from to make your wallpaper match your mood and scene. Whether it is simple and fresh, dreamlike and romantic or cool, we can meet your needs and create a different screen style.